Kidney Transplant In Pune

A kidney transplant is a surgery in which a healthy kidney is replaced with the damaged. The people who have end-stage kidney disease only then the kidney transplant is recommended. Dialysis and transplant are the two types of kidney failure treatment.

Kidney transplant surgery is a dedal operation. What’s more, the experience of receiving a kidney, or donating one, can be highly emotional.

What is Kidney Transplant?

During the Kidney transplantation, a healthy kidney from a healthy person is transferred into the patient who has kidney failure or a patient with end-stage kidney disease. When both kidneys stop working kidney transplant remains the only option in such situations. Renal Transplantation is another name for the Kidney transplantation. Work of the kidney is to remove excess liquid and waste from the blood.  The kidney transplant is amongst the most common operations. Only one donated kidney is needed to replace with the damaged kidney.

Most people are born with two kidneys, located behind the abdominal organs and below the rib cage. They perform several important functions including:

  • Blood filtering to remove waste, It helps to passage of waste in the body through urine and also, helps to return water and chemical back to the body as necessary.
  • Regulating blood pressure by releasing particular hormones.
  •  By releasing the hormone erythropoietin stimulate red blood cell production

When the kidneys stop working, the condition is referred to as “end-stage renal disease.” Toxic waste products accumulate in the body and either dialysis or a kidney transplant is required to sustain life.

The most common causes of kidney failure include:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Severe defects of the urinary tract

During a kidney transplant evaluation, To evaluate your treatment options. a transplant administrator will arrange a series of tests.  You’ll be estimated for possible medical problems such as heart disease, infections, bladder dysfunction, ulcer disease and obesity.

Dr. Jaydeep Date is a kidney transplant surgeon in pune. He has done many kidney transplants in pune at his own hospital Lokmanya Hospital as well as Poona Hospital, Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital, and Seth Tarachand Ramnath Hospital. He has more than 22 years of experience.

Kidney Transplant In Pune